If you want to get a fast house sale in Norwich the great news for you is that we are based locally in Norfolk and have been helping buyers sell their Norwich/Norfolk homes since 2006!

Because we are local we know the streets and house values really well. Norwich is a great area and there is always demand for property. Unlike other parts of the country that fall out of fashion or are trade/job dependant that can have a massive affect on prices and the likely hood of a fast sale.

Norwich doesn’t have this problem, we’re pretty much a London commuter city and because of the diverse local economy, the university and the glorious countryside there is always demand for Norwich Property.

Our buyers are generally cash property buyers or buying for investment purposes so any offer from us would be effectively a “trade sale” which will be less than the price you are likely to achieve on the open market via an estate agent. However this will give you more of an assured sale in a fast time frame at a price that you are happy with.

Before you go down this route though make sure you check out our guide to getting a fast property sale this will help you identify opportunities to improve your chances of getting a fast sale via an estate agent.

Also a good idea before you speak to us is to get information together that we will need to know in order to get you a fast property sale offer. Such as how much is left on your mortgage and current payments. This is so we know if/how to help you.

Details of any arrears on the mortgage and any loans that you may have that ideally you will want to clear with your property sale.

We’ll also ask you other questions to determine how best to help you – it could be that we see an avenue you haven’t considered that gets you the result you are after faster.

We aren’t trying to pry and be nosey but as professionals we need all of the details to best help you. Once we have all the details we need we can give you some options that could help you get a fast house sale in Norwich and move on.