In order to get a fast property sale on your home you need to put some effort in, It’s not impossible to get the fast sale you want for a price you are happy with but in order to achieve that goal your house needs to talk to the people walking through the door and searching on Rightmove.

Firstly put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, what are they looking for? What would put them off? What would enable them to see themselves in the house?

There’s a lot you can do here to assist the buyers decision and get that fast sale, a buyer wants to get the most for their money – so you need to make your home seem as big as possible.

A buyer also wants to be able to see themselves in the property – this means they need to be able to see past your stuff and imagine theirs.

One of the biggest things you can do to get a fast property sale is help them see themselves in the property and make sure  that the property presents itself as well and looks as big as possible is get rid of any clutter in the property – we all collect clutter and it sits around in our homes. This is bad for selling, ideally you want to remove half of your stuff, if your home is anything like mine you’ll have boxes full of kids toys (and toys) strewn all over the house.

Ideally you want to trim all of this down to the bare minimum – have a massive clear out of stuff you don’t need, it will make moving easier as well. Anything you don’t want to get rid of can be put into storage.

They want a home to feel homely – when you have people coming to view your property make sure you have fresh coffee brewing and if you have one an open fire crawling away – these just work to make a home feel “homely”, there has been a ton of research into why this works – it just works!

Another problem with houses that don’t sell is they don’t talk to the buyer – we like to personalise our homes around our tastes, which is great for us but this can get in the way of getting a fast property sale – the problem is our taste is personal to us, other people may not share your desire for leopard print carpets!

Along with this consider the colours in your home – dark colours make rooms feel smaller, ideally you want to replace dark carpets, curtains and walls with lighter more neutral ones – this is why for the last 20 years new houses have been painted magnolia!

Ideally you would want to splash a coat of paint on the walls and ceilings to make the house seem lighter, fresher and requiring less work.

Then you can go one step further depending on your budget – kitchens and bathrooms make a difference to buyers – as these are potentially pricey to replace in order to get a good price for your home and a fast sale you want to make sure your bathrooms and kitchens look great – if necessary replace them, 9 times out of 10 in a kitchen you can get away with replacing the doors with cheap new ones and the worktop. So for a couple of hundred pounds + fitting if you can’t do it yourself.

Doing all of this will make a big difference to the price you are able to achieve and the time it takes to sell your property.

If you can’t or don’t want to do the above you may have to think about the price you are selling at to entice a buyer.

The other option is to sell to a trade buyer, trade buyers can see past all of the above and will buy fast helping you to get that fast property sale you are after. In order to sell to a trade buyer you will be looking at accepting an offer slightly lower than you would from a home buyer, but you won’t have to do any of the work mentioned above or spend the money on a new kitchen and bathroom etc.

For some people this is a good deal, also worth noting is not having to pay for estate agent fees and sometimes getting your legal fees paid as well – closing the gap between the on paper price difference.

Also you will be expected to take an offer from a retail buyer anyway, generally this will be somewhere like 5% off the asking price – further reducing that gap and giving you certainty and a fast sale.

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