Chances are you’re here because you’re looking for a fast house sale, the good news is there are several avenues open to you. Each of these have their own merits and potential problems.

In this article I’m going to give you a balanced view on all of them so you can move your house sale forward and move on with your life.

Firstly there’s a very good chance that you’ve considered or even tried going down the traditional estate agent route.

If you’re looking for the best price for your property this is probably the best route for you. However in order to sell you will need to tidy your property up and remove all of the “life clutter” we all accumulate and store in our homes.

Unfortunately the house buying public don’t in general have a great imagination, they can’t see past your “stuff” and envisage themselves in the property.

In order to get the best price you need to enable the widest selection of potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the property.
That means removing all of your stuff to make the house seem as big and clean as possible – too much furniture and belongings make houses seem small so these must be trimmed down.

Do I Have To Trow My Stuff Out?


Don’t worry you don’t have to throw all of your stuff out (although this may be the opportunity you need for a clear out). You can hire a storage unit and safely store most of your stuff while you wait for the sale to go through.

There are lots of storage solution providers all over the country and most offer a variety of different sized solutions – one of the larger ones is they’re sure to have one local to you.

What’s Next?


Once the rooms are clean and clear of excess clutter you will need to brighten the place up with a fresh coat of paint, possibly even new carpet/flooring.

Pay close attention to Bathrooms and Kitchens, these are very important in selling houses – you might need to give them a spruce up.

If your bathroom suite is looking tired you might want to replace it. The same goes in the kitchen. Although changing just the cupboard doors can give the desired result at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole kitchen.
A new worktop often works wonders as well in making the house look like a 2019 home.

Don’t Neglect Outside


Once you’ve finished the inside you will want to make sure the garden is as clean and clear as possible and to appear as maintenance free as you can make it.

A few new plants and a bit of attention on the lawn can work wonders.

While tidying up the outside make sure that the roof and external woodwork are looking like they will last a good few years. Otherwise alarm bells will be ringing in the potential buyers minds.

If your garage roof looks like this you may want to think about changing it – or at least covering/replacing/painting the woodwork.

Dodgy flat roof putting buyers off

Poor woodwork can hinder your sale

I think you’ll agree this one looks much more appealling to a potential buyer

Recently replaced garage roof

Isn’t this a lot of Work?


This might sound like a lot of effort but if you want to get the best price and a fairly quick sale you will need to go to this level of effort.

Be prepared to spend anything from a couple of thousand pounds to £10k – £20k+ depending on the work needed, the type of property and the area you live in.


How Long Does This Take?


Average selling times for the estate agent route is 6-8 weeks (probably longer while waiting for the sale to complete)

Be sure to also factor in paying the estate agent 1-2% of the final sale value – potentially less if you use an online agent but I’ve found over many years you get what you pay for.

If you have gone to the trouble above to present your property in it’s best light you don’t want to let it all down by choosing an agent that is going to bodge the listing, put off potential buyers by a lack of knowledge or being completely un-helpful.

You may find strange an agent being un-helpful to potential buyers but in my quite extensive experience I’ve found the majority of agents to be completely incompetent in the only job they are there to do – Sell Houses!

Whoever you choose to be your agent make sure you put a lot of effort in to working out the best local one – there are some great agents out there but you do need to do your research.

What Can I do To Research An Estate Agent?

The best thing to do is get out and see as many agents as you can in your local area,

Who is most helpful?
The most accommodating?
Has the best adverts for their houses on
Which one takes the best pictures?

Price shouldn’t really come in to it, you want the best agent that can sell your house in the quickest time for the best price. If the agents you are talking to a not able to convince you why you should choose them, then simply move on.

Don’t just pick the ones that tell you they can get you the highest price.  You need to do some research and be honest with yourself as to how much your house is worth in it’s current condition, given that you are looking for a fast sale. The keener the price the more attention it will draw.

What if I don’t have the time/money to do this?

This might sound like too much work for you and you don’t have the cash or time available to get your property into a 2019 specification then you may want to put the house on the market at a price that reflects the current condition.
If you are looking to sell quickly then you will need to be very realistic on the work that needs doing and reflect that in the price.

Be careful on the advice you take from an agent on setting the price – often they will over inflate the market value in order to get the instruction which will then mean your property will more than likely sit on the market for a considerable time while they give you well practiced excuses as to why it hasn’t sold or had that many offers.

Be sure to do your own research on what properties like yours are selling for in your local area. The time it takes them to get that sale. The condition etc etc this will help you set an accurate selling price. Remember if you’re looking for a fast sale you will want to price your property below what comparable properties in a similar condition are selling for.

But I just need to sell my house fast

Another route some home owners go down when looking for a quick sale is the auction one, often after languishing on the market for several months this will be suggested by your agent or maybe they will recommend one of the online auctions, be very careful before going down this route in my experience the auction route can have mixed results for the homeowner.

Firstly the part I completely disagree with is that you will be tied into a contract that will last a considerable amount of time after the auction.

Often what happens if a property doesn’t sell at auction is a seller gets stuck in a loop,  once you sign the contract with the auction house you are unable to sell your property privately without the buyer having to go through the auction house and paying their “buyers premium”.

This buyers premium is sometimes around 5% of the property value (but I have seen up to 20%) and is going to affect what an interested buyer can pay for your property, so their offer or bid ceiling is going to be that much less than on the open market without that premium.

In general the online auctions are the worst for this and if I was you I would stay well clear of them – in my opinion they are nothing more than a scam due to their un-reasonable fees and one sided contracts.

If you are looking at the auction route go and speak to a regional one that gets a good turn out, if you can speak to the auctioneer or someone relatively high in the auction house they will give you a pretty good idea of what you can look to achieve at auction.

Using a professional home buyer

Another route open to you is using a Professional Buyer like ourselves, our business is built around offering a service to people in your situation.

People that need a fast sale for one reason or another or that have a problem that is stopping them from moving forward with a sale.

Quite often the best solution might not be to sell the house to us, we may see another solution that works better for you and always take the time to understand the situation and get to know you before offering any sort of solution.

If we do end up buying your home we do so in a timeframe built around you and for a price you are happy with, often this works out to be at a better price than you might get going down the auction route and in a quicker timeframe.

Also there are several other ways we can help you other than simply buying, we can discuss all the options when we speak.

As mentioned previously the route to getting the most money for your property is to spend the time and money in turning it into a “2019 Home” which could mean upgrading the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and giving everywhere a fresh coat of paint.

If this doesn’t work for you for whatever reason you might want to try giving us a call and seeing if we can help you.