Sell Commercial Property Fast – traditionally getting a fast sale of your commercial property can be a bit of a slow process. However if you’re a landlord of a Commercial property that you want to sell fast that isn’t much help to you.

The Normal Route – Commercial Agents

The normal route of going to a Commercial Property Agent and listing it with them, then waiting for the viewers and potential offers to come in, then waiting for the drawn out negotiations.

While all this time you are still paying business rates, maintenance etc and it’s also more than likely you’ve lost your tenant either before you putĀ  your commercial property on the market or (what is also quite common) after you’ve put it on the market, often tenants get concerned when the property that houses their business is up for sale, they don’t like the un-certainty and often look elsewhere.

This gives you the double wammy of no income from the property and quite possibly a reduction in the value due to not having a tenant.

Talking to us could help you to Sell Commercial Property Fast, firstly we have a large database of Property Investors that are looking for property deals to invest in. If we present them with the right deal they will buy

Secondly talking to us isn’t like a normal estate agent, we’re more under the radar – we won’t put the property on a portal and put a sign outside the property, meaning your tenants will more than likely not know that the property is being sold so we can avoid the potential issues from the normal route by not panicking them.

Problems in the Market

There’s a lot of commercial property sitting around empty currently, like the one below that is local to us. With the damage in the economy that COVID-19 has caused and the likely long term affects this is likely to have on the economy now might be a good time to sell your commercial property.

Sell Commercial Property Fast

Track Record – Selling Commercial Property

We’ve got a track record of selling commercial property for our clients, currently it’s been on the smaller end of the market, such as mixed use property.

This is one of the commercial properties we got sold quickly. Before we found the buyer and managed the sale this property had sat on the market for quite some time by a traditional commercial agent. They had missed a couple of important parts that enabled us to get the sale,Mixed Use Property Hull

Firstly they didn’t have a list of thousands of investors looking for deals to sell property to.

Secondly the property wasn’t packaged in a way that enabled an investor to make a quick decision.

By coming to us we noticed the problem in how the property was packaged, put all the information together that an investor would need.

Then presented it to our database, we had a buyer in a couple of hours and the sale went through in a matter of weeks, while we managed the process to ensure it went smoothly.

If you want to speak to us about if we can help you Sell Commercial Property Fast simply get in touch using contact us.